The beautiful country of Taiwan is a place that has many beautiful and breathtaking destinations for travelers. The following are just some of the beautiful places to visit in this wonderful country:

Taroko Gorge National Park – This beautiful national park is known for having beautiful marble cliffs and amazing waterfalls. The Taroko Gorge National Park has many great hiking trails that you can go on to enjoy the surroundings better.

Zhushan Village – This beautiful village was built during the Qing Dynasty, but it is still a very popular destination today with both locals and visitors alike. There are beautiful old structures throughout the town which make walking around this village so enjoyable! 

Sun Moon Lake – This lake lies high up above sea level on Mount Jade Emperor at an elevation of 608 meters (around 2000 feet). It’s surrounded by mountains on all sides making it such a unique place to visit when you are in Taiwan.

The beautiful city of Taipei – The beautiful capital city of Taiwan is also one of the most visited cities in Asia for travelers to visit. There are so many beautiful places to see within this amazing country! 

Lin Family Mansion and Garden – This beautiful structure was built back during the Qing Dynasty, but it has been well-preserved over time which makes visiting this place a completely enjoyable experience. It’s located right next door to an incredible garden that you will want to explore when you get there! 

National Palace Museum – This beautiful museum is filled with many beautiful artifacts that were collected from the Forbidden Palace in China during a time of war. You can learn more about these beautiful pieces at this wonderful place! 

Xin Beitou Hot Springs Park & Yuchi Township Rice Noodle Museum – These two places are located very close to each other so you will have a great afternoon when you visit both attractions on your trip through Taipei City! The hot springs park is known for incredibly relaxing while also having some beautiful hot springs that you can enjoy.

Lungshan Temple & Stone Buddha Statue – These two attractions are great places to stop by when you are visiting beautiful Tainan City on your trip through Taiwan! The Lungshan Temple is known for its beautiful architecture and history, but there are also Buddhist statues at both temples that travelers love seeing when they come here. 

Yushan National Park – This beautiful park is located high up in the mountains of Taiwan at an elevation of around 3000 meters. There are beautiful hiking trails to enjoy throughout this amazing national park! 

Yehliu Geopark – This beautiful geopark was created because there are so many unique rocks off the coast which makes walking along here such a wonderful experience for everyone who enjoys exploring new places. The Yehliu Geopark has rock formations that you will never see anywhere else, especially since it’s surrounded by water all around making them look even more beautiful than they already do!